We have a new web!

Finally here! It took time but it has been worth the wait. At Midway, we are launching our website and we are very proud of the result (and what you see is only the beginning).

We always had two concepts crystal clear:

  1. The graphic style: using a very flat design base, with predominant flat colors, almost no contours and a lot of icons. By additionally optimizing the platform and resources, we obtain an agile, dynamic and very visual website.
  2. The usability: we have used a methodology so that the user experience on mobile devices is complete. That is why we have developed and designed the website based on the version and scaling to devices with higher resolution.

In our new site you can meet the team, get to know and the services we provide, but what interests us most is the blog; as it is intended to be a lot more than just a blog. We want to turn this space into a laboratory, we want to help you with tutorials and tips, but above all, we want to know your opinion.