Como muchos de vosotros sabréis, durante los últimos días los medios de comunicación se han hecho eco de una serie de infecciones en organismos como La Ser o Everis debido a un ransomware que ha cifrado la gran parte de los ficheros almacenados en sus puestos de trabajo e incluso de su infraestructura.

Este tipo de situaciones se han generado de forma masiva durante los últimos meses debido, en gran parte, al resurgir de un viejo conocido como Emotet, que durante la segunda quincena de septiembre arrancó una campaña específica de infección en Europa y que ha causado estragos en muchas empresas nacionales durante este periodo de tiempo.

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Microsoft Partner Silver Midway Technologies

This expression, which it’s used on a daily basis to refer to several situations, perfectly summarizes the result of the job done by Midway’s team during this first semester of this year.

Thanks to our customer’s review and to meeting the goals set by Microsoft within the Partnership programs, we are very happy to confirm that we have achieved to reach a new Partnership level, the Silver level with related to the Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. Read more

Since we started to have our first conversations on services that would be provided by Midway, we always were certain that all of them would be focus on helping companies in their transformation process towards the Cloud in the securest way and making the most of the capabilities that these services can offer to customers.

Why? Just take a look the exponential growth of Cloud services within latest years and expectedly in years to come.

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Finally here! It took time but it has been worth the wait. At Midway, we are launching our website and we are very proud of the result (and what you see is only the beginning).

We always had two concepts crystal clear:

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We are happy to share with you all the move to our new offices. It is true that in the short live of our company, this is our second office movement. Everything is running faster than we expected.


We are now in Calle Luis Montoto 61, Portal 2, Office 10.
Right at the junction with Avenida de la Buhaira, 100 meters away from Santa Justa train station.

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We could have never imagined that in such a short time we would have a meeting like the one we enjoyed last October 25th. It was a meeting in which all the team without exception could enjoy, participate, have fun and of course take a complimentary gift.
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