Microsoft ♥ Midway

Since we started to have our first conversations on services that would be provided by Midway, we always were certain that all of them would be focus on helping companies in their transformation process towards the Cloud in the securest way and making the most of the capabilities that these services can offer to customers.

Why? Just take a look the exponential growth of Cloud services within latest years and expectedly in years to come.

What about the technology to be used? This was also crystal clear for us: Microsoft or AWS. You just have to check their market position as opposed to the rest of Cloud Services suppliers:

They are both, by far, leaders as for the wide range of Cloud services provided to meet the needs of different companies worldwide, regardless of their size or business sector. Within upcoming years, they will determine the way −whether direct or indirect− their different managed services are used nowadays by customers and partners.

The main component of our DNA and our team’s is ensuring the best quality in our services. All of us who work in the IT business know that this means exclusively devoting yourself to specific technological solutions to become the best on it. For this reason and for our customers’ profile, we decided that, during Midway’s first years, we would offer solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

And after this journey of almost two years, quite fun and not that easy (it must indeed be pointed out, ), we have managed to attract the attention of Microsoft to speed up our growth as their partner and, hence, our customers’ growth as well.

How can our customers take advantage of Midway taking part of this Microsoft Mentor program as opposed to other service providers? Check out some of the advantages:

  • Allocation of a Partner Development Manager on a weekly monitoring basis who will help us bring to life potential opportunities in our pipeline.
  • Access to presales and product engineers to help our customers understand how other companies have adopted their technologies (successful case studies).
  • Access to solution architects for O365, Azure, EMS and Windows 10 during architecture definition.
  • Recurring training sessions with Microsoft engineers for our technical engineering team based on a pre-defined training plan.
  • Preferential access to resolve critical incidents to our customers.

Access to this Microsoft Mentor Program can be reached in two different ways: you can nominate yourself or you can be nominated by another partner of certain level within Microsoft Partner Network. In our case, we can only be grateful to Esprinet who has just given us this opportunity which we will certainly seize to its fullest.