First Business Strategy Meeting at Midway

We could have never imagined that in such a short time we would have a meeting like the one we enjoyed last October 25th. It was a meeting in which all the team without exception could enjoy, participate, have fun and of course take a complimentary gift.

During the conference, we analysed the year, our growth and the targets set to finish the last quarter and to start 2018. We have reviewed every project and each one of us had the opportunity to share first-hand their experiences of the project in which they participate.

It was indeed a very gratifying day in the professional field and especially the personal aspect. It was a great satisfaction to see how each colleague told their experiences and shared them with the rest of the team, the technologies which they were working on and the future projects that were to be carried out. If we are to highlight something it would be the good work environment and of course the professionalism of each of them.

Obviously, we could not miss a few gifts for a wonderful team.

The day ended up with a great dinner at a well-known Argentine restaurant in Seville, where we could relax and enjoyed a delicious grilled meat and pancakes.